Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Glacier National Park

Eduardo Martinez posted an article in Spanish, El Parque Nacional de Los Glaciares (The Glacier National Park) with a very impressive collection of photographs. He is kind enough to send me a link to the article which included one photo of mine.

Glacier National Park

I wish to visit the Glacier some day again, soon, before the glaciers are completely gone -- according to the article, "Scientists say that by 2030 all will be gone."

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tuesday, March 25, 2008




晓起村我们一行八人租了一辆国内叫做“商务车”的小面包,车的外观与 minivan 没有多少差别,但是车内却多了一排座,显得有些拥挤。我们也没有机会细做安排,到了婺源县境,天色已透亮。在路边看到了晓起村的大广告牌,就将车拐进了晓起。

礼耕堂此处乡间曾经是商贾流行,文风淳厚。晓起村口这块牌楼虽然有些怪异,村人想要引人注目的心情可以理解。村中旧日徽商家居犹在,只是残败了,如南唐后主的词里写的,“雕栏玉砌应犹在,只是朱颜改。” 虽然婺源的乡村美景,不知吸引了多少游人,但村里人生活不富裕,还是很明显的。




江湾 - 雨中印象我们的车出了江湾,回头看去,白墙黑瓦的村子在烟雨中格外醒目。我们在路边停下车,我奔向村子的方向,拍下了《江湾 - 雨中印象》。没有三脚架,只好把有些模糊的照片处理成油画了。






Thursday, April 05, 2007

Waiting for dinner

Waiting for dinner.jpg
Originally uploaded by jiggerpress.
A classic long exposure photograph. But this one is extraordinary not just because it is done with a digital camera, but also because it has packed so many factors of excellent photography in it.

The extra long (2491.5 seconds) exposure has recorded tracks of stars, movement of clouds, even a car driving across the desert scene. Night scene is transformed into day. Reading this picture, you see time frozen in this snapshot, yet you feel time flying away fast at the same moment.

This is only one example of the photographer's marvelous work.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Ah, Shanghai!

Originally uploaded by xie-wei.
The thumbnail version of the image did not show much beyond the magnolia in thick fog.

When I got to the larger sized image, I saw the TV tower further in the fog. This tower on the east bank of the Huang-Pu River has been a landmark of the new Shanghai.

It should be early spring now in Shanghai. Soon the wet season will begin. Shanghai, and large parts of China south of the Yangtze River, will be drenched by spring rain that never ends. But then the earth will become green -- may be it already is over there...

The layers in the photo is intriguing. The three birds not only balance the composition of the image, but also add motion to it as well. Over all a non-flashy photograph, very much like the subtle season in that land.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

"Mary wasn't a virgin"

Flickr Queen is probably not at all an overstatement. I have admired her creativity for some time but I probably have never commented on her images before.

This one drew me in. It is good photograph, although may be not the best from her. The title certainly caught my attention.

Many people seem to agree with my thoughts expressed in my "God's Billboard" entry on this blog. I am not religious but I do admire people who truly believe. I just despise those who only want others to believe that they believe.

Back to the photo. The tension from her hands creates an attraction to the red flower in the center of the picture. Overall, the lighting is very well done and the red colors make the entire image dramatic.

[Edit]: The owner has chosen to remove access to the static image referenced here. But the image is still available by clicking the image above.

Monday, April 02, 2007


GiantsThese giants always attracts my attention. These were seen on I-10 in California outside of Palm Springs. The scene on the day before was much more interesting. The air was clear. A sudden shower cleaned up the dust in the air. But we were running somewhere fast on the highway.

We drove around quite a bit the second day and took some pictures. But the perfect lighting and shadows from the previous day's clouds were gone.

Looks like California has moved one step ahead of the rest of the country.